4A-001-001 DCC Signal Controller
4A-001-001 DCC Signal Controller
4A-001-001 DCC Signal Controller
Product Code: 4A-001-001
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Now control Dapol Semaphore signals from DCC!
Dapol are pleased to announce the SC3 DCC controller for its range of OO and N gauge Semaphore signals which enable standard signals to be quickly and easily connected to a standard DCC layout and controlled using almost any controller or computer system which can control DCC accessories. Each controller can independently control 1 or 2 standard Dapol Semaphore signals which wire straight into the module and 2 wires connect direct to the nearest track or DCC bus - no extra power supply or wiring is needed. 
Setting up is also especially easy using Train-Tech's unique 'One-Touch DCC™' system where addresses are set by simply pressing one button - no programming! 
Developed in collaboration with Train-Tech.com, the Dapol DCC Signal controller is designed and manufactured in Great Britain and will be launched at the London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace on 23rd March 2013.
The Dual Dapol Semaphore Signal controller retails at £30 including VAT @ 20% and will be available from 23rd March from Dapol and all Dapol Model Railway dealers.


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