Dapol 08 Shunter lighting

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Dapol are providing a Zimo 5 function DCC chip in the factory DCC & sound fitted locomotives. Whilst our customers are welcome to fit their own chips as they see fit we reccommend a 5 function decoder. To aid in the operation of the lights on your new 08 Shunter Dapol is happy to provide the following guide that will provide you with the necessary information on your locomotives lighting functions.

F0 - Train Turns on the top white marker light in direction of travel, sound of the switch also heard

F10 - Shunting mode The red and white lower lights both ends will be illuminated. A second press of F10 will extinguish the lights

F11 - On pressing F11 the cab light will be illuminated, a second press will extinguish

The document below will be supplied with the factory fitted DCC & sound enabled locomotives which some of our customers who have purchased a DC locomotive may find helpful if they wish to convert to DCC.


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