Fictions and malicious posts on 3rd Party Forum

by Dapol | Posted in February 2017 | 18 comment/s. | 7151 views on this post

A series of false statements have been made on a 3rd party web forum. These posts are designed to cast aspersions amongst our valued customers and end users as well as damage the company. Dapol are currently investigating what legal recourse we wish to take. The Class 68 model has proven extremely popular and at this time it looks like Dapol are unlikely to have any left for direct sale through our own website.

To clarify:

Dapol do not make comments on 3rd party websites

The communications claimed to have taken place between members of Dapol Staff and the perpetrator of the false comments did not take place.

Dapol are not issuing a re-call and if this was ever the case such news would be issued direct to customers in writing and through our own media sites

Dapol listen to and take on board, pertinent learning or improvement opportunities that are conveyed to us by modellers, when these are proposed in a polite and constructive manner through our own media sites. There is a culture of continual improvement here at Dapol and this will continue to be the case. No exception will be made in the Class 68 despite it proving to be so popular.

We do not acknowledge or tolerate abusive comments or behaviour on our media outlets. Dapol will police our Digest and website in such a way that it is a safe and enjoyable place for our fellow modellers to enjoy.

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