BL-001-005 A4 Silver Fox 2512 LNER Silver

BL-001-005 A4 Silver Fox 2512 LNER Silver
BL-001-005 A4 Silver Fox 2512 LNER Silver
Product Code: BL-001-005
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Dapol's Black Label A4 Locomotives offer the following features:

  • Synchronized puffing smoke with chuffing sound
  • Authentic sound recorded from ‘Bittern’
  • Short whistle with simulated steam
  • Long whistle with simulated steam
  • Speakers installed in both locomotive and tender for more realistic sounds
  • Working front lamps, that can be switched on/off in DCC mode
  • Locomotive and tender bodies in die-cast metal
  • Locomotive chassis in die-cast metal
  • Finely detailed wheels and valve gear including lubricators.
  • Sprung driving wheel
  • Sliding cab roof ventilators
  • Choice of cartazzi truck (pivoting for tight curves, limited travel for larger layouts)
  • Glazed cab windows
  • Sprung buffers
  • Correct tender and locomotive body variations for each model
  • Real coal fixed in tender
  • Authentic decorations
  • Etched nameplates
  • Superb back EMF motor control in DC and DCC
  • Silent drive mechanism
  • Limited edition of only 320 units (400 for Mallard) with numbered certificate
  • Collectors presentation case

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