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Dapol Price Increase

As of the 1st November 2022, Dapol will be implementing a price increase. The reasons behind the price increase are as follows:

  1. Currency - the pound has fallen from previously assumed low levels and accounts for 5% price increase
  2. Wage increases 
  3. Energy costs have quadrupled for business but we are trying to mitigate this by using more renewable energy forms
  4. Chinese production costs have increased again by approx. 15%
  5. Plastic Polymer costs HIPS and ABS have increased by 50% since 2020


Dapol has tried to absorb as much of these cost increases as it can but there is inevitably a percentage of the cost increase that we simply have to pass on to our customers and modellers at large.

We will honour all prices on orders received from our stockists prior to the 1st November, the new prices will only be applied to orders that are placed after this date.

Kind Regards

Team Dapol 

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