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N Gauge Class 59 Functional EP - Under Review

N Gauge Class 59 Functioning EP – Under Review

Dapol is proud to unveil images of our hand built N Gauge Class  59 Engineering Prototype (EP). An EP of this nature is intended to give the design team an opportunity to review the samples for how well the parts fit together and provide a basic feeling for how the model will perform on the track. The design team is currently going through its deliberations and preparing feedback for the factory. Initial impressions are extremely favorable as you will be able to see for yourself below.

Dapol Functional Class 59 EP (Twin Grille Side)

Prototype Background

The Class 59 is a Co-Co formation diesel locomotive and the first US produced, privately-owned locomotive to operate regularly in the UK. The ordering of the first Class 59 was a result of quarry company Foster Yeomans dissatisfaction with the performance of the BR Class 56. The first 4 locomotives built by GM’s Electromotive Division were delivered to Foster Yeoman during 1986 and 59005 in 1989 proving very successful; one locomotive setting a new UK haulage record for a single locomotive of 4639 tonnes. Foster Yeomans rivals, Amey Roadstone Corp. (ARC) also ordered four modified Class 59s (59/1) as did National Power, who ordered six (59/2). GM invested in this initial UK success by extensively modifying the class 59 internally to produce the Class 66, also hugely successful within both the UK and continental Europe. Other than 59003 (which after return from loan to HHPI in Germany, is operated by GBRf), the Class 59 fleet is operated today by DB Schenker and Mendip Rail (an ARC and FY joint venture).


Our latest Next Generation Diesel model, incorporating Dapol’s re-designed chassis and electronics. The model will have the same impressive technical specification as can be found with the N Gauge Class 50 & N Gauge Glass 68.

  • Smooth running 5 pole next generation motor
  • All wheel pickup, all-wheel drive via re-worked smooth drive low maintenance mechanism.
  • Die-cast chassis
  • DCC Sound ready, Next-18 decoder socket (recommended 6 function decoder)
  • Independent directional front/rear main lighting control
  • Switchable day/night lights (DC & DCC)
  • Main lamp and cab lighting override switches for DC users (Independent front/rear control)
  • Removable self-centring close coupling mechanism with NEM pockets
  • Standard NEM fitting N Gauge couplers
  • RP 25 wheels
  • Detailed body and fittings
  • Printed name plates (where applicable)
  • Accessory bag with etched nameplates and detailed buffer beam fittings
  • Clip-fit body for easy DCC fitting
  • All Factory fitted DCC Locomotives will be fitted with Dapol’s Imperium Next 18 decoder
  • All Factory Sound fitted models will be fitted with a Zimo Decoder and prototypical sound recording

Dapol Functional Class 59 EP (Single Grille Side)

The EP is not necessarily intended to represent a single locomotive at this stage, rather provide an overview of the model as a whole. To help give you an understanding of the degree of detail diversity that is incorporated into the tooling suite we have created a list below of the various physical/decorative differences that can be accommodated:

  • Three main versions – class 59/0, 59/1 and 59/2
  • Three cab front ends
  • Three and four Row air cooler types
  • Can be modelled with or without external fire bottles
  • Two styles of cab door handles
  • Rubber and metal style cabside windows
  • Can be modelled with or without yaw dampeners
  • Two types of silencer
  • Left and Right exhaust positions catered for in the tooling
  • Can be modelled with or without the Exhaust end GSMR Antenna
  • Various damper configurations are catered for
  • With or without Buckeye coupling (where applicable)
  • Many other details catered for

As has now become a standard feature with Dapol’s next generation N Gauge models as much functionality has been built into the model, even for the analogue modeller. A bank of switches is neatly hidden behind the exhaust system. The exhaust is held in place with 4 small clips with just the right amount of strength to hold it in place whilst still being easy enough to pop out without the worry of causing damage to the model. Because the exhaust is separate on the prototype, on the model this completely hidden.

The exhaust hides the bank of switches perfectly

Dapol has elected to use finely moulded roof and body side grilles on the Class 59 model. This provides a far closer to scale appearance as well as allowing for a better representation of the 3D “waffle” appearance that the grilles have on the prototype. Roof and underframe details can be seen in the photographs below.

Roof & underframe detailing

The high level of detail on this models continues down to the bogies and into the cab. The bogies are exquisitely modelled with several versions of the bogies available to accurately portray the variations that can be seen through the lifespan of the prototype locomotives. The dials that appear in the cab of the prototype are also represented in the Dapol N Gauge version and can just be made out in the photograph below.

Bogie & Cab details window tooling still to have final polishing

Dapol are modelling three cab fronts to ensure the different types of lighting arrangements are catered for in our tooling suite.

Three cab front styles have been tooled

In conjunction with reviewing the EP itself the design team are also reviewing a huge number of detail parts that have arrived in the form of first shots, a small selection of them are shown in the photograph below. Unfortunately the moldings that represent the cab windows is not particularly evident in the photograph but while we are touching on the subject it is worth noting that the detail variations for the windows are all self-contained within the window moulding rather than the body shell. This gives us more flexibility as to what windows are used and potentially should a new window style ever came into existence we can incorporate this later if it is felt necessary.

Just a small selection of the 1st shots the development team are reviewing

Proposed Models & RRP

Dapol are proposing to produce a total of Seven Class 59 locomotives in the first production run.  These are listed below:


  • 2D-005-000                 Class 59 59005 Foster Yeoman  silver "Kenneth J Painter"
  • 2D-005-001                 Class 59 59103 ARC "Village of Mells"
  • 2D-005-002                 Class 59 59206 DB Schenker “John F Yeoman”
  • 2D-005-003                 Class 59 59204 National Power Blue
  • 2D-005-004                 Class 59 59104 Hanson “Village of Great Elm”
  • 2D-005-005                 Class 59 59001 Aggregate Industries “Yeoman Endeavour”
  • 2D-005-006                 Class 59 59201 EWS “Vale of York”

The recomended retail price of these models is:

DCC Ready – £160.00     DCC Fitted – £190.00     DCC Sound Fitted – £270.00

Dapol announced some time ago that it was actively looking at each of its sound fitted model projects and where possible releasing them on general release to help support our stockist network. We are delighted to announce that Sound Fitted Class 59 models will be available to pre-order at your preferred Dapol stockist very soon.


The EP and first shots are currently being reviewed by the design team and feedback will be provided to the factory shortly. Artworks are currently been drawn up, we will bring you more news on this as soon as we can.



We are preparing a short YouTube video of the N Gauge Class 59 in action on one of our test tracks, keep an eye out for the announmcent on here and on the social media platforms that we use.


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