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New OO Gauge Class 59's Announced

New Class 59 Models Announced

Based on the huge success of the first production run of OO Gauge Class 59’s Dapol have decided to announce the launch of the second production run of this fantastic model. Dapol will be releasing five liveries, with DCC Ready, DCC Fitted, DCC Sound Fitted, DCC Smoke Fitted and DCC Sound & Smoke Fitted options being available to pre-order through our network of Dapol stockists.     

 The Class 59 is a Co-Co formation diesel locomotive and the first US produced, privately-owned locomotive to operate regularly in the UK. The ordering of the first Class 59 was a result of quarry company Foster Yeomans dissatisfaction with the performance of the BR Class 56. The first 4 locomotives built by GMs Electromotive Division were delivered to Foster Yeoman during 1986 and 59005 in 1989. Proving very successful; one locomotive setting a new UK haulage record for a single locomotive of 4639 tonnes. Foster Yeomans rivals, Amey Roadstone Corp. (ARC) also ordered four modified Class 59s (59/1) as did National Power, who ordered six (59/2). GM invested in this initial UK success by extensively modifying the class 59 internally to produce the Class 66, also hugely successful, within both the UK and Continental Europe. Other than 59003 (which after return from loan to HHPI in Germany, is operated by GBRf), the Class 59 fleet is operated today by DB Schenker and Mendip Rail (an ARC and FY joint venture). 

Features of the Dapol Class 59 Include:

  • Finely moulded body with many applied fine details 
  • Printed name plates (Etched plates supplied separately) 
  • DCC ready, DCC and sound fitted models available 
  • Cast wheels with fine relief and appropriate colouring 
  • Heavy diecast chassis with all wheel pick up 
  • NEM pockets as standard 
  • Optional diesel exhaust effect (smoke)  
  • All class 59 versions tooled 
  • Operating, independently controlled headlight and cab lights (all lighting variations tooled)   

DC & DCC Lighting Capabilities

  •  DC lighting with independent control of #1 & #2 end lamps (push/pull/light engine) and cab lighting (controlled by switches) 
  •  DCC controlled fully independent lighting: 
  • Push/Pull and light engine modes for head and tail lights 
  • Day/Night headlamp selection 
  • Marker lamp control (where applicable) 
  • Independent cab lighting (leading cab /trailing cab /off) 
  • (DCC Only) Optional clag smoke simulation on initial acceleration   

Proposed Models

4D-005-004 Class 59 59004 Late Foster Yeoman Paul A Hammond

4D-005-005 Class 59 59201 EWS Vale of York

4D-005-006 Class 59 59101 ARC (REV) Village of Whatley

4D-005-007 Class 59 59002 MRL Green/Orange Alan J Day

4D-005-008 Class 59 59206 Freightliner Orange John F Yeoman


All the artworks have now been completed and have been submitted to the factory. We are awaiting decorated samples which we expect to receive mid way through 2023. Once decorated samples have been approved we anticipate receiving completed models to arrive in the first quarter of 2024. 

Recommended Retail Price


DCC Ready



DCC Fitted 



DCC Smoke Fitted(DSM)


DCC Sound Fitted



DCC Smoke & Sound Fitted (SSM)


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