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New OO Gauge Coupling Design

New OO Gauge Coupling Design

New Coupling

We have re-engineered our OO Gauge Tension lock hook & bar coupling. This will eliminate the coupling droop that had been experienced by some modelers. This new design will now be the standard coupling on all of Dapol's UK produced rollingstock items. This new coupling has been designed, tooled and is being produced here in the UK.

Key Points

  • All new design.
  • Droop Free.
  • NEM. 
  • Updated Hook.
  • Fitted as standard to all new UK production rolling stock. Currently it is being fitted to the standard 10ft chassis, the tools for the other OO chassis are being modified to take the new pocket.
  • Will be available as an accessory 

How to Fit 

  1. Push "dovetail" part of the NEM Pocket into same shaped hole on the under side of the chassis
  2. Push the tension lock hook and bar assembly into the NEM pocket

Project Update

The new couplings will be used in all UK produced rollingstock items from this point forward and these will start appearing in shops in the coming days and weeks. Accessory Packs of these couplings will be available in the near future also.

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