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O Gauge Class 121/122 Just Arrived - Going Out To Stockists

O Gauge Class 121/122 models just in

We are very excited to announce the arrival of the latest production run of the O Gauge Class 121 & Class 122 models. Dispatch have been busy unloading 21 pallets from the container. Once they have finished counting everything we will be doing our usual series of tests before they are sent out to our network of stockists.


  • Heavy Diecast chassis for added weight and superior tractive effort 
  • Dual motorised power bogies with all wheel pickup - Improved Drivetrain 
  • DCC & DCC Sound Fitted options available 
  • Lowered flooring to minimise the intrusion of the DCC speaker etc inside the model 
  • Headcode and destination boxes with removable glazing permitting number to be mounted behind glazing. 
  • Separate grab handles on passenger doors 
  • Separate etched grills for guards windows 
  • Guards area with separate lighting 
  • Exquisite passenger compartment detailing 
  • High level of detailing on the bogies and underframe of the locomotive 
  • 2 buffer types 
  • Two sides with high passenger grab handles and low passenger grab handles 
  • Two roof types (large box and small box types) 
  • Provision for 3 chassis types (additional side steps and varying underframe detail and flat, single driver ended design)
  • Switches accessible either by easily removable roof or from underneath the model. 
  • Independently controllable cab, passenger compartment, guard compartment and directional lighting—easy access switches for  controlling lights in the DC model 
  • Multi speaker factory fitted sound system on board (optional)   

Current Liveries

We are pleased to be able to share with you a selection of images of the Austerity / J94 samples that have arrived so far.

7D-009-006 Class 121 55031 BR Green Speed Whiskers

7D-009-007 Class 121 55026 BR Green SPY

7D-009-008 Class 121 55024 BR Blue

7D-009-009 55027 NSE Revised

7D-015-006 Class 121 55018 BR Green Speed Whiskers

7D-015-007 Class 121 55006 BR Green SYP

7D-015-008 Class 121 M55005 Blue/Grey

7D-015-009 Class 121 975042 ex 55019 NSE (Rt Learn)

7D-015-010 Class 121 55003 BR Blue

Recommend Retail Price

DCC Ready


DCC Fitted


Sound Fitted


Project Update

Going out to stockists over the coming days.

Order at your preferred Dapol stockist today

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