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OO Gauge Class 323 EMU

OO Gauge Class 323 EMU


The British Rail Class 323 is a class of electric multiple unit (EMU) passenger train built by Hunslet Transportation Projects and Holec. All 43 units were built from 1992 through to 1995 for British Rail’s Provincial Sector.  

 Entering service in 1994, the 323s were among the last trains to enter service with British Rail before its privatisation in the mid-1990s. The units were designed to operate on inner-suburban commuter lines in and around Birmingham and Manchester with swift acceleration and high reliability. Of the 43 units built, 26 are in operation with West Midlands Railway and 17 with Northern Trains.  

From 2018, the units received new, accessible toilets and upgrades to their internal Passenger Information Display Systems.With the introduction of new Class 730 units, the West Midlands Trains Class 323s will transfer to Northern, joining the existing fleet in the Manchester Area.  

The units are known for the distinctive sounds that can be heard during acceleration or deceleration. These sounds are generated by the traction electronics and we are working on reproducing this for our DCC sound fitted models. 


All initial CADS & Artwork are subject to review, correction and change where necessary 

Dapol are excited to announce the development of the British Rail Class 323 Electric Multiple Unit in OO Gauge. We are very grateful to everyone at WMT and Soho LMD for their assistance with this project. 

  • Available in DC, DCC and DCC Sound Versions 
  • Plux-22 DCC Socket 
  • 14-Pin Electrical Connection between cars – just one DCC Chip needed.
  • Speaker fitted in each driving car as standard.
  • Low profile motor in centre car driving all wheels.
  • DCC Controllable lighting, including Door Open lights when in stations.
  • DC switchable tail-lights as standard· Bespoke DCC Sound scheme.
  • Bodyside display indicators on 4D-323-001 and 4D-323-002 
  • Close-coupling mechanism within set. 
  • Accurate livery reproduction. 
  • Alternative destination labels. 
  • Interior and cab lighting. 
  • Working BSI coupling on front ends to allow 6 or 9-car operation.
  • Correct bodyside and headlight arrangements for all versions. 
  • Original and refurbished internal layout in centre car. 
  • Correct toilet modules for original and refurbished units” 
  • Fully painted interior, with correct colour schemes for each version. 
  •  Poseable dummy pantograph and full roof detail.    

Proposed Liveries

4D -323-001       Class 323 323203 Regional Railways Centro

4D-323-002     Class 323 323227 Regional Railways Greater Manchester PTE

4D-323-003     Class 323 323213 London Midland

4D-323-004    First North Western "Barbie" with Northern branding

4D-323-005     Class 323 323241 West Midlands Trains

4D-323-006 Class 323 323225 Northern New - White/Blue

4D-323-007 Class 323 Regional Railways Cenrto Heritage Repaint

Train Formation

Recommended Retail Price

DCC Ready


DCC Fitted


DCC Sound


Project Update

Initial CAD drawings have been reviewed by the design team and feedback has been provided to the factory to make improvements and changes where necessary. Provisional artworks have been prepared and will be amended where required to fit the finalised CADS.

it is anticipated that models will be available in shops towards the middle of 2025, we will keep you updated on this project as and when information is available. 

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