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OO Gauge Class 68 Grab Handle Fitting Service

The Grab handles on the front of the latest production run of OO Gauge Class 68 models are missing. This was caused by a change in staff and regrettably this was missed during our approval and QC process.

The affected models are 4D-022-019, 4D-022-020, 4D-022-021 and 4D-022-022


Dapol has been evaluating the best way forwards and have determined that the most efficient way to rectify the situation is to fit grab handles for those modellers that wish to have them fitted.


If you wish to have Dapol fit the grab handles to your please carefully follow the instructions below and we will happily fit the handles completely free of charge.


Return Instructions

  • Carefully remove the body shell from your locomotive – do not send the entire model, do not send accessory packs, do not send instruction sheets
  • Store the chassis in a safe clean place where it will not get damaged
  • Place the body shell in the protective blister pack that the model was delivered in with the protective film around the body shell
  • Complete the form below for each model you are sending back to us to have grab handles fitted to and place this between the blister and the blister sleeve (this must be done for each model you are sending)
  • Place the blister into the blue Dapol box your model was delivered in
  • Securely package up your model(s) in such a way that they will not get damaged in transit.
  • Send your model to Dapol using the Freepost address below. Text must be ALL CAPS

  • Clearly write the word Handles in large letters on the outer packaging
  • Take your package to the post office and get proof of postage from them – keep this safe until your body shell is returned to you




OO Gauge Class 68 Grab Handle Fitting Form

This form must be included with each body shell you send to Dapol for grab handle fitting



Terms and Conditions 

  • Dapol Are undertaking this work free of charge, the work will be performed at our factory in Chirk. Due to the nature of the work involved It will take several weeks to return your body shell(s) to you
  • Dapol is not liable for body shells lost in the post if you do not obtain and retain proof of postage
  • Dapol is not liable for damage caused in transit if we deem the packaging to be insufficient/unsuitable
  • Whilst Dapol will take good care of your model while it is in our possession we are not liable for any damage to any weathering you may have applied to your model
  • We have limited supplies of spare grab handles initially, more are being produced in China at the moment.
  • If you wish to take advantage of the grab handle fitting service your body shell(s) must be posted on or before the 31st August 2022

By sending your body shell(s) to Dapol to have the grab handles fitted you agree to the above terms and conditions 

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