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Kitmaster Genesis Constructor Components

KitMaster Genesis Constructor Components

Dapol have a long standing tradition of manufacturing self assembly kits in the UK. Some of our Kitmaster tooling dates back to the late 1950’s and is a real testament to how good the tool makers in this country were back then. 

To complement our Kitmaster Genesis range we are launching the Kitmaster Constructor range of scratch building aid parts. These will assist modelers in their projects whether they are modifying existing buildings or making their own buildings from scratch. These parts will be either laser cut from the finest coloured card or injection moulded in our facility in Chirk as part of our commitment to UK manufacturing. 

Posable Doors


  • Double Doors hole size = 34mm wide x 54mm high  
  • Single Door hole size = 21mm wide x 45mm high.  
  • All of the doors are Posable / openable. 
  • They come with a glazing panel  to fit into the window apertures 
  •  All necessary door frames are supplied and a jig to help drill the locating holes for the door “hinges” to locate into.     

Proposed Products & RRP

  • 7C-000-001 Working Station doors Green £5.00
  • 7C-000-002 Working Station doors Red   £5.00  



  • Rectangular Industrial WindowsHole size = 20mm wide x 36mm high              
  • Round Top Industrial WindowsHole size = 28mm wide x 47mm high                     
  • 4 Pane Sash WindowsHole size = 28mm wide x 47mm high                
  • Sash windows are Posable 
  •  They come with a glazing panel  to fit into the window apertures                  

Proposed Models & RRP

  • 7C-001-001 6 x Rectangular Industrial Windows £5.00           
  • 7C-001-002 6 x Rounded Top Industrial Windows £5.00                           
  • 7C-001-003 6 x Four Pane Sash Windows £5.00                    

Bricks & Roofing Tiles


  • 310 x 84 Stretcher Bond Brick Sheets Each pack includes 4 sheets of card             
  • 410 x 194 Stretcher Bond Brick Sheets                  
  • Roof Slate StripsEach fret covers 300mm wide x 63mm high each pack contains 2 frets and ridge tile strips             
  • Fully textures surface 
  • Bricks have recessed mortar joints 
  • Tiles held in strips for convenience of fitting.            

Proposed Models & RRP

  • 7C-002-001 4 x 340mm x 84mm Stretcher Bound Sheets £7.50         
  • 7C-002-002 4 x 410mm x 194mm Stretcher Bound Sheets £15.00                           
  • 7C-003-001 Roof Slate Strips £5.00                          

Platform Edging & Buckets


  • Platform Edging Stones - Straight3 pack of platform edging, each section is 21.5mm wide x 294mm length 
  • Platform Edging Stones – Ramp Pack3 pack of platform edging with 1 x LH Ramp, 1 x RH Ramp, 1 x Straight.Ramp pieces. Width = 21.5mm·  Ramp Angle = 171.5°· Downward length = 188.5mm· Straight Section = 42mmStraight Piece is 21.5mm x 294mm                      
  • Note only the edging stones/slabs are sold, brickwork and pathing surfaces are not supplied           

Proposed Models & RRP

  • 7C-004-001 Platform Edging Stones - 3 x Straight £6.00
  • 7C-004-002 Platform Edging Stones - Ramp Pack £4.00                      
  • 7C-004-003 3 x Fire Buckets & Rack £3.00     
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