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N Gauge Class 142 Update

N Gauge Class 142 Update

We are delighted to be able to share the latest N Gauge Class 142 project artworks


The British Rail Class 142 is a type of diesel railbus multiple unit designed to run in pairs for use on branch lines in Northern and South Western England and North Wales. Ninety six of the sets were built by BREL at Derby between 1985 and 1987 and followed on from the design of the Class 141. Initially, the Class 142 exhibited many operational problems including the inability to negotiate tight curves, a lack of power with poor braking and a rough uncomfortable ride. The class was extensively modified in subsequent years to overcome some of these shortcomings with the adoption of a more powerful diesel engine, uprated brakes and a plethora of internal and external detail improvements. Even with these changes the Class 142 was deemed unsuitable for working the tighter curves of the South Western rail system and the fleet was transferred post privatisation between NW Trains and Northern Spirit, where they are still used primarily on commuter routes between the major cities of the region. 


  • A Powered and a dummy car in each set 
  • Detailed bodies with flush glazing 
  • Close coupling mechanism with corridor connectorScharfenberg coupling mechanism fitted as standard 
  • All wheel drive and pick up on power unit 
  • Directional lights on both carsIndependently controllable internal (where fitted) and external lighting 
  • Accessory bag with optional fitted components 

New Artworks

Proposed Liveries

  • 2D-142-006          Class 142 Northern Rail 142024 
  • 2D-142-007          Class 142 Provincial 142058 
  • 2D-142-008          Class 142 Regional Railways Red/Grey/White 142038 
  • 2D-142-009          Class 142 First Great Western Blue/Gold 142070 
  • 2D-142-010           Class 142 Regional Railways Original 142084

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Project Update

Artworks are complete and are currently waiting for decorated samples of the new liveries to arrive. We look forward to being able to bring you news about these when they arrive. we expect the models to be in shops some time during Q2 2024.

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