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N Gauge Class 221

N Gauge Class 221


The British Rail Class 221 Super Voyager is a class of tilting diesel-electric multiple unit express passenger trains built in Bruges, Belgium, by Bombardier Transportation in 2001/02. 

The Class 221 are similar to the Class 220 Voyager units, but were built with a tilting mechanism enabling up to six degrees of tilt to allow higher speeds on curved tracks, most have five coaches, and they have a different bogie design. They have a maximum speed of 125 mph (200 km/h). 

Currently these trains are divided between two operators, Avanti West Coast (20 sets) and Cross Country (24 sets). The sets operated by Cross Country had their tilt function disabled in 2008 to improve reliability and reduce maintenance cost.

By Geof Sheppard - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=83397624


The Dapol Class 221 model has the following specification:

  • Low friction mechanism with our proven super smooth 5 pole motor.   
  • Working lights.
  • DCC Ready - 6 pin decoder sockets supplied.  
  • Detailed body. 
  • Expertly applied livery. 
  • Etched name plates where appropriate. 
  • Unique magnetic coupling system. 
  • Utilising existing tooling.   

Proposed Liveries

Dapol propose to produce five Class 221 models in this production run. these are listed below with an accompanying  power car artwork. more comprehensive versions of the artwork can be viewed in the Dapol Digest

2D-023-001 Class 221 5 Car Set 22108 Sir Ernest Shackleton, Virgin Old

2D-023-002 Class 221 5 Car Set 221101 101 Squadron, Virgin New

2D-023-003 Class 221 5 Car Set 221136, Cross Country

2D-023-004 Class 221 5 Car Set 221101, Avanti West Coast

2D-023-005 Class 221 5 Car Set 221115, Avanti West Coast (Red Roof)


DCC Ready


Project Progress

Artworks are now complete and have been submitted to the factory. We are currently waiting for decorated samples to arrive. When we receive them and have had a chance to examine them we will post images for you to look over. 

We expect to see models in the shops some time towards the end of Q2 - Q3 2023. 

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