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N Gauge HST & Class 68 Decorated Samples

N Gauge Decorated Samples

We are delighted to be able to share the latest images of the N Gauge HST & Class 68 models with you



The British Rail Class 43 (HST)  was designed by BR Derby and  manufactured at BREL Crewe between 1975 and 1982. Many would say the HST reflects the pinnacle of diesel locomotive design, holding and retaining the world speed record for a diesel locomotive. In all 197 diesel power cars were manufactured to provide a high-speed passenger service in a time when public budgets  were constrained and mass electrification of lines was not financially viable. A testament to the success of the design is that 193 of the power cars are still in service today, with only three being scrapped due to accidental damage and one being preserved at the NRM. After privatisation of BR, the fleet has been distributed amongst various operators including East Coast, East Midlands Trains, Grand Central, Cross Country, First Great Western and Virgin Trains. The HST was originally built without buffers. However, to allow it to act in conjunction with Class 89 and 91 electrically powered locomotives on the electrified East Coast line, eight power cars were fitted with buffers. Network Rail has also converted a HST as a measurement train. This is packed with measurement and safety equipment and is used on the West Coast line to ensure lines are fit for use and safe for high speed and tilting locomotives. 


  • Finely detailed body with many extra fitted items 
  • 5 pole Super Creep motor with incredible controllable slow running speed 
  • All wheel drive and pick up 
  • Directional lights 
  • Coaches are light bar ready 
  • Accessory bag with optional fitted parts 
  • Extensive range of previously produced coaching stock also available   

We are delighted to be able to share images of the  Midland mainline livery  HST decorated samples with you below. We are eagerly awaiting decorated samples of the Midland Pullman HST bookset and will share images of this  with you at the soonest opportunity

Proposed Liveries

  • 2D-019-013          Class 43 HST Blue/Grey ER E43078 & E43079 Set 254012 
  • 2D-019-014          Class 43 HST Intercity Swallow Livery 43120 & 43039 
  • 2D-019-015          Class 43 HST Midland Mainline 43066 & 43077 
  • 2D-019-016          Class 43 HST Cross Country 43285 & 43321
  • 2D-019-204          Class 43 HST Grand Central Twin Pack 43480 &568 (Buffers) 
  • 2D-019-205          Class 43 HST Virgin Twin Pack 43080 (Buffers) & 43091 (No Buffers)
  • 2D-019-300          Class 43 HST Pullman Blue Full Train Set (11 Car Set)

Recommended Retail Price

Twin Pack set


Twin Pack set


11 Car Set


Class 68


The Class 68 is a brand new diesel-electric Bo-Bo locomotive commissioned by DRS for intermodal and passenger use. The design is based on the Vossloh Eurolight, with 4 axles and a 3800HP diesel engine and is to be built at the Vossloh plant in Spain. Initially, DRS initially ordered fifteen locomotives with the first to be operational early in 2014. The locomotive is capable of 100mph and has a state of the art adhesion control system which ensures high utilisation of available traction power. Further Locomotives have now been added to the UK fleet bringing the total to 34 currently in service. Stadler are now assembling the Class 68, alongside the Class 88 . 


  • Smooth running 5 pole next generation motor 
  • All wheel pickup· All wheel drive via re-worked ‘smooth drive’ low maintenance mechanism. 
  • Die-cast chassis· DCC Sound ready 
  • Next-18 decoder socket (recommended 6 function decoder) 
  • Independent directional front/rear main lighting control 
  • Independent directional front/rear cab lighting control 
  • Main lamp and cab lighting override switches for DC users (Independent front/rear control) 
  • Removable self-centring close coupling mechanism with NEM pockets 
  • Standard NEM fitting N Gauge couplers 
  • RP 25 wheels· Detailed body and fittings 
  • Printed name plates 
  • Accessory bag with etched nameplates and detailed buffer beam fittings 
  • Clip-fit body for easy DCC fitting   

Proposed Liveries

Proposed Liveries

  • 2D-022-012          Class 68 Fearless 68016 DRS Compass 
  • 2D-022-013          Class 68 Vigilant 68018 DRS Compass 
  • 2D-022-014          Class 68 Splendid 68027 Transpennine Express 
  • 2D-022-015          Class 68 Felix 68031 Transpennine Express 
  • 2D-022-016          Class 68 Pride of the North 68006 New DRS/NTS Green

Recommended Retail Price

DCC Ready


DCC Fitted


Sound Fitted


Project Update

Decorated sample reviews have been complete and feedback provided to rectify any issues. We expect the models to be in shops some time towards the end of 2023 into the beginning of 2024.

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