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N, OO & O Gauge Incoming Products

New Products arriving very soon!

OO Gauge Class 22

Decorated Samples shown for illustration only

The first of four models is due to land any day now with the others in hot pursuit - Pre-order yours today at your preferred Dapol stockist  

Proposed Liveries

  • 4D-012-010          Class 22 D6330 BR Green Disk H/C 
  • 4D-012-011           Class 22 D6328 BR Green SYP Disk H/C 
  • 4D-012-012          Class 22 D6356 BR Green SYP H/C Boxes 
  • 4D-012-013          Class 22 D6352 BR Blue FYP H/C Boxes - In STORES VERY SOON!

Recommended Retail Price

DCC Ready


DCC Fitted


DCC Sound


N Gauge Grampus Wagons

Decorated samples shown for illustration only

Proposed Liveries

  • 2F-060-014          Grampus BR Black DB984292 
  • 2F-060-015          Grampus BR Black DB985834 
  • 2F-060-016          Grampus  Olive Green DB984363 
  • 2F-060-017          Grampus Indian red DB985730 
  • 2F-060-018          Grampus Engineers Grey/Yellow 'Dutch' DB990518 
  • 2F-060-019          Grampus Engineers Grey/Yellow 'Dutch' DB991673 
  • 2F-060-020         Grampus Engineers Grey/Yellow 'Dutch' DB991471

Recommended Retail Price



7mm Scale / O Gauge L&B Signal

Proposed Liveries

  • 7L-004-001          7mm Scale / O Gauge Signal - Lynton & Barnstaple Home Square Post

Recommended Retail Price



Project Update

The products above are due in stores in the coming days and weeks.

Pre-Order at your preferred Dapol stockist today 

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