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N Gauge M7 Ride Height Fix

N Gauge M7 0-4-4 Ride Height Issue

Dear Modeler

It has been brought to our attention that there is an issue with the ride height of the footplate above the trailing wheel set on the M7 locomotives recently produced. This leads to the footplate having a forwards slant

Our Technicians have studied the issue and have devised a method to correct the situation. This is described below.

Step 1 - Remove the retaining screw that secures the rear bogie to the chassis. Take care not to lose the screw

Step 2 - Remove the bogie and bend the pick ups to a 45 degree angle as indicated in the photograph below.

Step 3 - Reattach the bogie to the locomotive chassis using the retaining screw that you removed earlier. You should now find the foot plate is level.

We feel this is an easy "DIY" fix to this situation. However if you feel uncomfortable dismantling this sub assembly from your locomotive and  effecting the modification in question. You are welcome to send your model back to Dapol and our Technicians will perform the procedure on your behalf.

Should you choose this option please do the following:

  • Securely package your locomotive to avoid damage.
  • Include your contact details - Postal address, e-mail address & contact telephone number. This will minimise the amount of time it takes us to return your model to you.
  • Post your model back to Dapol  - acquire proof of postage and retain this until your model is returned to you.
  • Dapol will not accept responsibility for models lost in the post without proof of postage.

Kind Regards

Team Dapol

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