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New O Gauge Vans Now In Stock & Going Out To Stockists

New O Gauge Vans Now In Stock

 We are delighted to announce the arrival of the new GW, LMS & SR 12T Standard Vans, MOGO Vans & Fruit A Vans. These are going out to stockists at the moment and are also available direct from Dapol via our website.   

LMS Standard 12T Van

Between 1935 & 1936 7,500 12 ton vans were constructed to Diagram D1897, Lots 823,824 & 825 being vacuum fitted whilst Lot 826, 838, 839 and 840 was unfitted. Further similar vehicles were built up to 1945. Many non-fitted Vans were subsequently fitted by BR with automatic vacuum brakes, the pipes however were ‘coach fashion’ and did not have the LMS ‘wagon type’ upright pipe. 

Available Models


LMS Standard 12T Van Grey 505010


LMS Standard 12T Van Bauxite 510289


LMS Standard 12T Van Bauxite M522304

GWR Standard 12T Van

The adoption of the RCH 17’-6” underframe for the 12 Ton van in1927 coincided with a change in door design to vertical planking, and after 1932 the 10’-0” wheelbase was used, which the Dapol models replicate. Between 1933 and 1943 more than 8,500 vans were built both Vacuum and non-vacuum fitted to Diagram V23/V24 with a further 265 constructed between 1935 and 1939 to Diagram V26 code named ‘Parto’ (With internal partitions to protect loads from damage)  


GW Standard 12T Van Grey 123254


GW Standard 12T Van Grey 123522


GW Standard 12T Van Parto Grey 112788


GW Standard 12T BR Western Grey  W145580


GW Standard 12T Vanfit BR Western Bauxite B143313

GWR Standard 12T Van

200 12 ton Diagram Y8 Fruit vans of Lot 1270 were built in 1937-8 for the Guernsey tomato traffic, and classed ‘Fruit A’, with more than 16,000 tons per year shipped from Weymouth to London . 


GW Fruit A Van Grey 134149


GW BR Western Fruit A Van Bauxite B143313


The MOGO had a 12-ton capacity and is fitted with end doors and wheel bars to allow a motor car to be loaded and transported in a goods train, hence its telegraph code 'MOGO'.  The early MOGO vans had planked bodies but were later constructed with ply body sides. 


GW MOGO Grey 126342


GW MOGO Grey 126336

SR Standard 12T Van

This is the standard Southern Railway goods van with a 10 foot wheelbase and distinctive elliptical roof. About 1000 fitted vans were built 1936-38 with even planked sides, the SR later built uneven planked versions as well as Ply sided vans later in their construction history. Dapol will be making the even planked version of these vans.  


Southern Railway 12T Van Grey 48977


BR Southern 12T Van Parto 549091


  • Die-cast compensated chassis 
  • Finely profiled wheels and axles with brass bearing pockets 
  • Highly detailed injection moulded body 
  • Many separately added fine details 
  •  Sprung metal buffersSprung metal coupling hook and Instanter or screw link couplings where appropriate 
  • Expertly applied liveries 
  • Vans are Vacuum Fitted        


Each Wagon


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