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N Gauge Class 56 Update

N Gauge Class 56 Update


The British Rail Class 56 is a type of Co-Co locomotive designed for heavy freight work and was introduced between 1976 and 1983. In all 135 Class 56s were built, the first 30 by Electroputere in Romania but due to poor quality of construction the remainder were built by BREL at their Doncaster and Crewe works. The Class 56 was considered to be a successful locomotive and had a long service life. However performance and maintenance costs savings made from the deployment of the newly imported Class 66 resulted in most of the fleet of Class 56s being decommissioned or sold on by 2006. Several Class 56s are currently preserved and some class 56s are still in service today with private rail companies hauling freight and for the occasional special service.  


The Dapol Class 56

Dapol introduced the much-acclaimed Class 56 diesel-electric locomotive to our range in 2012 and the model has proved popular ever since. 

As part of our ongoing improvement program, we are delighted to announce that the Class 56 in being retooled with an all-new bodyshell.

The new tooling will allow for accurate representation of the original Romanian and later UK-built locomotives and feature etched brass grilles. 

The changes to the body tooling have pushed the Class 56 release into 2024 but we are sure you will find it worth the wait!

Romanian Built Class 56 


  • Retooled body with improvements to the body shape. cab roof and windows 
  • Tooling options to accurately reproduce both Romanian and Doncaster bodyshell types
  • Etched side and roof grilles in two styles 
  • RP25.72 darkened wheels with pin point bearings 
  • 5 pole Super creep motor with controlled pulling power and incredible slow running speed 
  • All wheel drive and pick up 
  • Directional lights 
  • Dapols low friction mechanism for efficient quiet running 
  • Heavy split frame chassis for excellent running and haulage qualities   
  • DCC Ready with a NEXT-18 decoder socket

Doncaster Built

Cab Front View 

Roof Detail

Grille Detail

Proposed Liveries

The images below are of the provisional artworks and are shown for illustration only - they are subject to change and or correction where necessary.

2D-004-010 Class 56 56302 Fastline

2D-004-011 Class 56 56131 Large BR Logo

2D-004-012 Class 56 56007 Transrail     

2D-004-013 Class 56 56059 EWS

2D-004-014 Class 56 56303 DCR

2D-004-015 Class 56 56006 BR Blue  

2D-004-012 Class 56 56054 BR Railfreight Coal      

Recommended Retail Price

DCC Ready



DCC Fitted



Project Update

The design team has worked really hard to rework the bodyshell design of this model, the CADS have been signed off and the project is moving along to the tooling room. We expect to see the revised Class 56 in shops Q3-Q4 2024.

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