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O Gauge L & B Railway Inspired Buildings

O Gauge L & B Railway Inspired Buildings

The Dapol range of self-coloured card kits has moved on to the next stage of its development. The prototype L & B Railway inspired buildings were show cased at the 2023 GOG Kettering show this weekend (04/03/2023) and were very well received by the members of the public who attended.

The kits will be laser cut from the finest self-coloured card and include all the necessary injection moulded or 3D printed accessory parts (including glazing) to complete the model. Where appropriate the models will be supplied with printed interior decoration. All you need is glue.  

 The kits are based on real world prototypes but  are easily customizable lending themselves to “kit bashing” should the modeler wish to have something truly bespoke on their layout. Each kit will have a set of detailed assembly instructions included with them. 

 Lynton & Barnstaple Small Station Kit (7B-003-002)

  • Based on Chelfham Station 
  •  Opened in 1898, closed in 1935 
  •  Option to pick between L&B and Southern era porches 
  •  Roof tiles will be terracotta coloured as per the real thing 
  •  Moveable and posable doors 
  •  Will include plastic post box and guttering 
  • Footprint -  177mm x 74mm plus porch   

RRP - £150.00

 Lynton & Barnstaple Signal Cabin Kit (7B-003-002)

  • Based on standard L&B signal cabin design 
  •  Roof tiles will have a corrugated sheet on top
  •  Moveable and posable doors 
  •  Engraved interior
  • Footprint - 34mm x 43mm   
  • Also suitable for other light railways, such as those built by Colonel Stephens.
RRP - £24.99

 Lynton & Barnstaple Toilet Block Kit (7B-003-003)

  • Based on Chelfham Toilets 
  •  Will include fire buckets and rack on the front
  • Footprint - 118mm x 57mm   
RRP - £39.99

Project update

The kits have just entered production and are expected to be in stores April 2023. Photographs of the prototype models are provided for illustration only.

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