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O Gauge LSWR B4 Decorated Samples Under Review

O Gauge LSWR B4 Deco Samples Under Review

Sound fitted models now on gerneral release for stockists to pre-order 

Dapol recently showcased the first three decorated samples of the O Gauge LSWR B4 at the Gauge O Guild 2022 Kettering show and we are delighteed to be able to share the images of these models with you here today. 

As you may be aware Dapol have secured a deal with Zimo that is allowing us to offer our sound fitted models through our stockist network once again. We are pleased to be able to inform you that the O Gauge L & SWR B4 0-4-0 DCC sound fitted models are the next model being put on general release for stockists to pre-order on your behalf. Anyone that has pre-ordered directly with Dapol aready will be contacted by our sales team in the coming days.

The First three O Gauge B4 decorated samples have arrived

Prototype Background

In 1890 Adams ordered 20 powerful four- coupled tank engines from Nine Elms Works, the design being preferred to six-coupled because of the many poorly laid out goods yards and the sharply curved Cattewater and Sutton Harbour lines at Plymouth. When the South Western gained control of Southampton docks in 1892 Adams transferred two engines there which had their cab front and back sheets cut away to aid visibility and were named JERSEY and GUERNSEY. Over the next few years twelve more were transferred to the docks, including two of the ­ five built by Drummond. All 25 engines were taken into B.R. stock in January 1948; however fourteen were withdrawn over the next year, leaving just eleven survivors, distributed to Eastleigh, Plymouth, Bournemouth and Ashford. The last two representatives stationed at Winchester were withdrawn in October 1963, a month short of their seventieth birthday. Happily both have been preserved.


LSWR B4 0-4-0 Normandy as preserved photograph courtesy of John Fry

Dapol L&SWR B4 0-4-0T Normandy (as Preserved) Decorated Sample


The Dapol O Gauge L & SWR 0-4-0 B4 model will include the following features:

  • Slide in PCB – With space for 2 x sugar cube speakers and a 21 pin decoder socket
  • Removable cab roof held in place with magnets to allow easy crew insertion
  • Highly detailed cab interior with fire box glow
  • Highly detailed body with many separately added parts
  • Five pole skew wound motor driving the rear wheels
  • Fully compensated die-cast chassis to give excellent running capabilities
  • All wheel pick up
  • Most derivatives covered, the tooling will allow for four cab types, two different boilers, two forms of chimney as well as other prototypical features catered for such as water injectors and buffers
  • DCC Ready, DCC Fitted and DCC Sound Fitted models available

Dapol L&SWR B4 0-4-0T Normandy (as Preserved) Decorated Sample Rear three quater view


Proposed Models & RRP

Dapol are proposing to produce a total of six 0-4-0 L & SWR B4 locomotives in the first production run.  These are listed below:


  • 7S-018-001                 L & SWR B4 0-4-0T NORMANDY - AS PRESERVED
  • 7S-018-002                 L & SWR B4 0-4-0T CAEN  BROWN  90
  • 7S-018-003                 B4 0-4-0T SOUTHERN  BLACK 88
  • 7S-018-004                 B4 0-4-0T BR EARLY CREST  30089
  • 7S-018-005                 B4 0-4-0T BR LATE CREST  30096
  • 7S-018-006                 L & SWR B4 0-4-0T  Lined Green 91

The recomended retail price of these models is:

DCC Ready: £232.88     DCC Fitted: £263.93     DCC Sound Fitted: £360.00

Dapol L&SWR B4 0-4-0T CAEN Decorated Sample


Dapol L&SWR B4 0-4-0T Caen & BR late Crest 30096 Decorated Sample Rear three quater view



Dapol L&SWR B4 0-4-0T British Railways Late Crest 30096 Decorated Sample



Decorated samples are currently under review and feed back is being provided to the factory. We expect to recieve the outstanding three decorated samples in the coming weeks, we will share images of these with you when they arrive. We expect to see the models in shops during quater three 2022. 


The cab interior is exquisitely detailed and accessable via a lift off roof (held in place by magnets)

Rear view of the three decorated samples showing the difference in the detailing between models

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