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O Gauge 24T Ore Hopper

O Gauge 24T Ore Hopper

Charles Roberts built 1,000 22 ton hopper wagons to Diagram 161 in 1949, and a year later 1,500  were built to Diagram 1/162 uprated to 24 tons. These were built by Charles Roberts, and Cambrian with Birmingham upgrading 500 of the 22 ton 1/161 wagons. They were initially used for iron ore traffic and latterly Limestone, chalk and sand. 


  • Die-cast compensated chassis                
  • Finely profiled wheels and axles with brass bearing pockets                          
  • Highly detailed injection moulded body                      
  • Many separately added fine details                   
  • Sprung metal buffers                   
  • Sprung metal coupling hook and three link coupling                
  • Expertly applied liveries   

Proposed Liveries

7F-033-001          24T Steel Hopper BR Bauxite  B435007

7F-033-002          24T Steel Hopper BR Grey  B436275 (as at Rutland)

7F-033-003          24T Steel Hopper Grey  B436917  Empty to Ardley WR 

7F-033-004          24T Steel Hopper Bauxite  B437221 Sand Max Speed 35

7F-033-005          24T Steel Hopper Grey  B435549  Ore Hop Max Speed 35

7F-033-006          24T Steel Hopper Red Oxide 279 Iron Ore BISC

7F-033-007          24T Steel Hopper Red Oxide 2512 Richard Thomas

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Project Update

The EP has been evaluated by the design team and feedback has been provided to the factory that will be manufacturing these models. Artworks have been prepared and we are currently waiting for decorated samples to be prepared. We anticipate these models will be available in shops sometime during Q4 2023

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