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O Gauge Slope Sided Mineral Wagon

O Gauge 14T Slope Sided Mineral Wagon

The 14 ton slope sided mineral wagons were designed and patented by Charles Roberts in 1935 and prior to the war many could be seen in Private owner liveries. The MWT (Ministry of War Transport) ordered 9,000 wagons in 1943, however only 7,000 were completed by nationalization. B.R. later designated these wagons to Diagram1/100, and uprated them to 16 tons. Four further batches were ordered in 1946 with many lasting into the 1960’s 


  • Die-cast compensated chassis                
  • Finely profiled wheels and axles with brass bearing pockets                          
  • Highly detailed injection moulded body                      
  • Many separately added fine details                   
  • Sprung metal buffers                   
  • Sprung metal coupling hook and three link coupling                
  • Expertly applied liveries   

Proposed Liveries

7F-041-001          14T Slope Sided Mineral Bauxite MWT 7326

7F-041-002          14T Slope Sided Mineral Bauxite 33457 Charles Roberts & Co.

7F-041-003          14T Slope Sided Mineral Bauxite MOT 23763

7F-041-004          14T Slope Sided Mineral BR Grey B11532

7F-041-005          14T Slope Sided Mineral Black 9151 Denaby

7F-041-006          14T Slope Sided Mineral Black 550 Tarmac

7F-041-007          14T Slope Sided Mineral Green 100 Stewart & Lloyd

7F-041-008          14T Slope Sided Mineral BR Grey B197525

Provisional artworks shown for illustration only - subject to correction/change where necessary 

Recommended Retail Price


Project Update

The EP has been evaluated by the design team and feedback has been provided to the factory that will be manufacturing these models. Artworks have been prepared and we are currently waiting for decorated samples to be prepared. We anticipate these models will be available in shops sometime during Q4 2023

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