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O Gauge 55xx Class 2-6-2 Locomotive Artworks

Great Western 55xx Class 2-6-2 Locomotive Artworks

They were designed as small mixed traffic branch locomotives, mainly used on branch lines. They were a development of Churchward's 4500 Class with larger side tanks and increased water capacity.100 were built between 1927–1929 at the GWR Swindon Works and were numbered 4575-4599 and 5500-5574. Fifteen locomotives were fitted with auto apparatus in 1953 to enable them to run push-pull trains on South Wales lines with auto trailers. 

They are often referred to as Small Prairie Class tank locomotives. A total of Eleven members of the class have made it into preservation. 


  • Die cast metal chassis and cylinders with working vacuum pump              
  • Die cast wheels with steel tyres                 
  • Brake shoes in ABS plastic             
  • Two styles of sand boxes in ABS                             
  • 5 pole skew wound precision motor         
  • Sprung driving wheel and pony trucks, live bearing pick-ups              
  • Front and rear pony wheel trucks to operate on a cam system to allow the model to traverse R2 (40.5”radius) curves                 
  • Die cast pivoted coupling and connecting rods.          
  • Two versions of smokebox door (one with fixings for B.R. number plate)         
  • Easily removeable cab roof (for adding a crew) by means of small magnets                 
  • Chimney, short and tall safety valve casings and whistles (brass)      
  • Working cab doors in metal                 
  • Wire handrails with stanchions in metal                  
  • Sprung metal buffers and screw link couplings         
  • Full back head detail with reversing lever in ABS           
  • Coal load in bunker      
  • Flickering firebox glow   

Proposed Liveries

LHT-S-5501          Class 55xx 2-6-2 Great Western Green 4589

LHT-S-5502               Class 55xx 2-6-2 Great Western Green 4594 

LHT-S-5503               Class 55xx 2-6-2 Shirtbutton GWR Green 5509 

LHT-S-5504               Class 55xx 2-6-2 ‘GWR’ GWR Green 5505  

LHT-S-5505               Class 55xx 2-6-2 ’British Railways’ Green 4591

LHT-S-5506               Class 55xx 2-6-2 BR Early Crest BR Lined Black 5527  

LHT-S-5507               Class 55xx 2-6-2 BR Early Crest BR Black 5571   

LHT-S-5508               Class 55xx 2-6-2 BR Early Crest BR Lined Green 4585

LHT-S-5509               Class 55xx 2-6-2 BR Late Crest BR Lined Green 5514

Unnumbered versions are also available to pre-order

Project Update

The design team have received first shots (hand assembled) and have reviewed them. All pertinent information has been provided to the factory. Artworks are now complete and we are currently waiting for decorated samples to arrive.


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