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O Gauge Blue Grey Mk1 Coaches Now In Stock

Mk 1 Blue Grey Coaches Now In Stock

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our now Blue Grey Mk 1 coaches with window building. these will be available to order via the Lionheart website over the next few days. 


  • Produced from original drawings & detailed surveys 
  • Scale length and accurately modelled exterior & correctly profiled roof & carriage sides 
  • Easy to remove roof for placement of passengers and access to internal workings 
  • Window details now include the later beading that was carried on these iconic coaches. 
  • Full and accurately modelled under frame detailing and bogie wheelbase 
  • Body variations correct to build periods portrayed 
  • Diecast bogie framesSprung metal buffers 
  • Gap free running with Lionheart’s close coupling mechanism and corridor connector capable of negotiating R2 curves 
  • Expertly applied livery and accurately portrayed decoration with separately fitted details 
  • Each model will contain a fully detailed and decorated interiorSwitchable internal lighting — Separate corridor and compartment lighting, with optional DCC control.           

Models Just Arrived

  • 7P-001-502BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey BSK W34153 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-502UBR  Mk1 Blue/Grey BSK Unnumbered with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-503BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey BSK Sc34438 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-504BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey BSK M34452 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-505BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey BSK E34167 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-602BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SO W3791 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-602UBR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SO Unnumbered with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-603BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SO Sc3989 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-604BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SO M3754 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-605BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SO E3774 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-702BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SK W24328 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-702UBR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SK Unnumbered with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-703BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SK Sc24559 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-704BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SK M24398 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-705BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey SK E24692 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-802BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey CK W15101 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-802UBR  Mk1 Blue/Grey CK Unnumbered with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-803BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey CK Sc15172 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-804BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey CK M15051 with Window Beading 
  • 7P-001-805BR  Mk1 Blue/Grey CK E15057 with Window Beading

DCC Fitted models carry the Suffix D at the end of their product code

Previous product shown for illustration only

Project Update

Now in stock, these models will be made available to order through the Lionheart trains website over the next few days.


DCC Ready


DCC Fitted


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