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Upgraded N Gauge LMS Ivatt 2-6-2T

Upgraded N Gauge Ivatt 2-6-2T


The LMS Class 2 2-6-2 tank engines were designed by H. G. Ivatt and constructed between 1946 and 1952 to replace older locomotives.  This versatile class was built primarily for branch line duties for which their “Prairie” wheelbase was well suited. Ivatt also included several labour-saving features such as self-cleaning ashpans to improve operating economies.  Following an initial batch of ten locomotives built by the LMS, British Railways decided to enlarge the class and a further 120 examples were built.  

 During BR days, they were allocated to the LMR, SR and WR regions and were equally at home hauling passenger and goods services. The last member of the class was withdrawn in 1967, but four examples of this popular locomotive type have been preserved and all are presently operational. 

Model Features

  • Highly detailed body with many separately added parts 
  • Expertly applied liveries
  • Die-cast wheels
  • Die-cast chassis
  • Keyed axles (similar to the Dapol N Gauge A4/A3) to prevent quartering slippage
  • The model is DCC ‘friendly’. A PCB is located in the bunker and pickup and motor connections are terminated on this. It is a simple matter to replace this PCB with a wired ‘micro’ decoder by making 4 solder connections. DC only users do not need to make any changes
  • 3 pole can motor providing smooth slow speed running and a realistic top speed.   

Proposed Liveries

Dapol are producing seven Ivatt models in this production run. they are available to pre-order at your preferred Dapol stockist as a either DCC Friendly or DCC Fitted version. the models being produced are listed below:

  • 2S-015-005 Ivatt 2-6-2T 1207 LMS Unlined Black
  • 2S-015-006 Ivatt 2-6-2T 41227 “British Railways” Lined Black
  • 2S-015-007 Ivatt 2-6-2T 41208 BR Early Crest Lined Black
  • 2S-015-008 Ivatt 2-6-2T 41236 BR Early Crest Lined Black 
  • 2S-015-009 Ivatt 2-6-2T 41204 BR Late Crest Lined Black
  • 2S-015-010 Ivatt 2-6-2T 41319 BR Late Crest Lined Black
  • 2S-015-011 Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241 KWVR Lined Maroon


    The first Engineering prototype has been received and evaluated by the production team. This model was displayed at Warley on the Dapol stand. Feedback to the factory had been provided before the show and when we returned the second EP arrived. this is currently being reviewed by the design team.

    Artworks are currently underway; we will bring you a further update on this model in the near future when these are complete, and the design team have finished their deliberations.


    DCC Friendly


    DCC Fitted


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