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Lionheart Trains Mk 1 Coach Phased Release


Lionheart Trains Mk 1 Coach Phased Release

The much anticipated Lionheart Trains Mk1 Coaches are finally on starting to arrive. Their release will be phased to allow for easier logistical handling for our factory, our warehouse and our stockists alike. The first to arrive will be the BR Maroon and SR Green BSK & SK coaches. Further shipments of different liveries of the BSK and SK coaches will follow over the next couple of months. The CK & SO coaches will follow towards the end of the shipping process.

Prototype Background

British Railways Mark 1 is the family designation for the first standardised designs of railway carriages built by British Railways (BR) from 1951 until 1974, now used only for charter services on the main lines or on preserved railways.
Following nationalisation in 1948, BR had continued to build carriages to the designs of the "Big Four" companies (the Great Western, Southern, London Midland and Scottish and London and North Eastern railways), and the Mark 1 was intended to be the standard carriage design for use across all lines, incorporating the best features of each of the former companies' designs. It was also designed to be much stronger than previous designs, to provide better protection for passengers in the event of a collision or derailment.

The Mark 1 coaches were built in two distinct tranches: the early vehicles (1951–1960) and the 'Commonwealth' stock (named from the type of bogie used) from 1961 onwards. The coaches were manufactured by British Railways, Cravens and the Gloucester Railway & Wagon Company being built at six different sites: Derby, Doncaster, Eastleigh, Swindon, Wolverton and York. Many survived into preservation and some are still in service to this day.



  • Produced from original drawings
  • Scale length and accurately modelled exterior & correctly profiled roof & carriage sides
  • Easy to remove roof for placement of passengers and access to internal workings
  • Correctly detailed window ventilators and profiled windows as originally built. Stretcher windows modelled where applicable. Glazing firmly secured into the model.
  • Full and accurately modelled under frame detailing and bogie wheelbase
  • Body variations correct to build periods portrayed
  • Diecast bogie frames
  • Sprung metal buffers
  • Gap free running with Lionheart’s close coupling mechanism and corridor connector capable of negotiating R2 curves
  • Expertly applied livery and accurately portrayed decoration with separately fitted details
  • Each model will contain a fully detailed and decorated interior
  • Switchable internal lighting — Separate corridor and compartment lighting, with optional DCC control.


Detailed Inside and Out











Models Initially Arriving & RRP


  • 7P-001-003    BR SR Green BSK S34155
  • 7P-001-003U    BR SR Green BSK (Unnumbered)
  • 7P-001-004    BR SR Green BSK S34159
  • 7P-001-007    BR MR Maroon BSK M34001
  • 7P-001-007U    BR MR Maroon BSK (Unnumbered)
  • 7P-001-008    BR MR Maroon BSK M34006
  • 7P-001-202    BR SR Green SK S24169
  • 7P-001-202U    BR SR Green SK (Unnumbered)
  • 7P-001-204    BR MR Maroon SK M24092
  • 7P-001-204U    BR MR Maroon SK (Unnumbered)


The Recommended Retail Price for the Lionheart Mk 1 Coach Model is DCC Ready - £199 and DCC Fitted - £234




All of Maroon and SR Green the BSK & SK models are now shipped and we await arrival in the next few weeks. The BSK & SK models in the remaining advertised liveries will arrive over the coming weeks and months. The CK & SO models will arrive towards the end of the shipping process. We will bring you more information about pending deliveries when we have more accurate details.



We hope to bring you a video of the Coaches in use in the near future. In the mean time we have prepared a short video clip (hosted on our sister company’s YouTube Chanel “Dapol TV”) of the models going around on a photography turn table to give you a further chance to view them.
























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